About our beautiful dairy cows.....

Our animals are grass-fed. No hormones, no antibiotics, no GMO foods, no steroids. What they produce is clean, creamy, raw milk. Grass-fed cows produce milk that has the natural antibodies of the locality they are living in. They are beautiful and healthy.

If you have never seen a dairy cow,  you will notice they are built differently. Dairy cows look a little more lean and have a larger udder (to provide milk) than beef cows. Beef cows are thicker and more muscular (to provide beef).

We believe - and it has been proven, that cows "pushed" for quantity have more problems than grass-fed. (So we do not push chemicals on ours to make them produce more.) There are exceptions to the rule, of course - but animals respond to stressful stimuli like people.  We believe if you take the stress from them they will naturally do their part. And they do.

The life expectancy of a stressed cow is generally 6-10 years whereas a grass-fed cow can live 15-20 years. That speaks volumes...

We also have dogs, cats, goats, and donkeys that share the farmland with us. 

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