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Barker Farms
Gray, GA


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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Barker.Farms

This (below) is our "general schedule", however, there are times we cannot make a certain date due to situations waaaay beyond our control (else we would be there). In those instances, we try to update this information on our Facebook page.

Please check facebook.com/barker.farms if you need our status.

Wednesdays: Macon
                   at the Mulberry St Farmer's Market located across from the Grand Opera House 4-7 PM
Fridays: In Forsyth
                   at the Forsyth Farmer's Market, from 12- 5 (or 6)
Saturdays: In Perry
                   at the Perry Farmer's Market from 9-12

2nd Saturdays:
                   Wesleyan Market @ Wesleyan College 9-12

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Gray, Jones County, Georgia